Sketchbook 12


Sketch book 11

For my landscape photos i did it around my neighborhood because it has a good over view of escondido and san marcos and i also did one at sunset park


for my lights photography i wanted to focus on the lights and shadows on the buildings. i brightened up the sky and made the building more vibrant and one black and white  

Sketch book 10

For my recycle photos i wanted to use my soccer cleats. over the years of me playing i have had various cleats. even though i buy new one, i tend to keep the old ones no matter how bad the condition is just in case i want to re use them for a game.  

Sketch book 9

For my spring break sketchbook i decided to do something different and a topic that i enjoy. I decided to do it something related to sports. i had different friends wear there favorite sports jersey and i took pictures of them as they were posing and were in the moment.